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Uncertainties Abound Amidst Upcoming June 13th ACT

In spite of the coronavirus, many high school students will be taking the ACT this coming Saturday, June 13th. Due to the current public health situation, however, the ACT has reduced the number of testing sites across the country. The full list of testing sites whose administration of the ACT has been cancelled, including DMV testing sites like Wilson High School (DC), can be found here, and additional cancellations are possible in the days leading up to the test.

Students taking the ACT next week at open testing centers will be asked some health and wellness questions during the check-in process. As to whether students will be required or simply encouraged to wear PPE –gloves and masks– on test day, the ACT has released conflicting guidelines. To uphold student safety and ensure that examinees will be able to test on Saturday, Odyssey Tutors recommends that students bring, and be prepared to wear, gloves and masks on test day, as test centers will not be providing PPE. Lastly, individuals who have tested positive for the coronavirus virus within the last 14 days, as well as those who have displayed any of the coronavirus symptoms in that same period, will not be admitted into the testing center.

Interestingly, the upcoming ACT comes on the heels of an organization shake-up. On May 28, 2020, the ACT announced that CEO Marten Roorda will be leaving the organization effective immediately, and that current Chief Operating Officer and 30-year ACT veteran Jane Godwin will serve as interim CEO. No immediate reason was given for Roorda’s exist from the organization tasked with developing and administering the ACT test.

As always, Odyssey Tutors will continue to monitor this uncertain testing situation, and we will update our partner families and students accordingly. In the interim, questions can be directed to

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