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“Hi Nick. Success! Great work with my son. He killed it. His 370 point increase from the previous test is a direct result of working with Odyssey. I will be in touch next year to have you help my other son get ready. Thanks a ton."

—John O., Bethesda, MD

“Kendra, many thanks for your great work with him. We are so grateful! The rapport you have established with him has really helped change his attitude, so that he is much more positive about the whole process. [Score of 1410 CR + M]”

—Patty Cole, Washington, DC


“Owen, I want to take a moment to thank you, from the bottom of my heart (and my son’s!) for everything you did for our family during this very difficult year. Your impressive facility with World History, your patience with my son's illness and the constant rescheduling of appointments, your kindness in recognizing days when he just couldn’t stay focused, your preparation in advance of each session — wow. Quite simply, he could not have gotten through the year without you. My son took the history final and although we haven’t gotten grades back yet, he is confident that he aced it. So am I — you made sure that he was more thoroughly prepared than any of the students who were actually attending class. You have been a real gift to us. Thank you."

—Deborah E, Washington, DC


“We cannot thank you enough for all you have done to prepare Jed for his SAT's (and for arranging for Ben to work with him on the physics).  It has been such a pleasure to get to know you, and we tremendously appreciate the patience, perseverance, humor, and understanding that you consistently brought to your work with Jed.  We feel very fortunate to have been able to work with you, and admire everything you have done to make Odyssey Tutoring such a strong and professional organization. We will be delighted to serve as references, if you need one.  In the meantime, many thanks, again, and please stay in touch!”

—Melanie G., Washington, DC


“L.K.’s tutor had terrific skills for this. Personable and patient, while also disciplined. Service was top notch.”

—N.K., Potomac, MD


“Nick helped me raise my SAT scores to the level that I wanted to achieve [increase of +330 points on the SAT], and helped me feel comfortable taking the test. He was a great aid in preparing for it, explaining the whole process in a manageable way and providing many helpful resources."

—H.L., Arlington, VA

“I think that you had a great impact on M. this year [improvement of 260 points on the SAT] and that he will benefit from your guidance for years to come.  Thank you for all your help!”

—S.G., Bethesda, MD

“Hi Nick, E. and I owe you a big thanks. For all of Will’s academic life, he has had difficulty with tests, even when he seemed to have command over the subject matter and his preparation seemed to be near perfect. This has continued with the SAT test, where he exhibited problems in even his recognized strengths (Math). With your help, Will became more confident with the SAT subject-matter. Finding a perfect tutor/student match is not an easy task. You and Will really worked well together.”

—M.P., Falls Church, VA

"Thanks for the nice note and the good work. You really helped Jake focus. We are very pleased with the results...We appreciate your time and efforts. You worked really well with Jake. Have a wonderful summer and keep up the great work."

—B.C. and C.N., Rockville, MD

“My son is not highly motivated academically, but Nick was able to engage him, motivate him, and give him the tools to do well on the test. He was very encouraging, offering a great deal of positive feedback. Sessions were tailored to J.’s specific needs, and Nick was always willing to listen to my feedback and suggestions. I appreciated that Nick took time to get to know Joe on a personal level, and seemed to truly care about his success.”

—H.M., Arlington, VA


“My son Emanuel has really enjoyed working with Owen this year. He’s a great tutor and he has a made a difference in Emanuel’s life for the better. Also, Emanuel is really looking forward to seeing him more often in the fall to practice for his SAT and improving his writing skills.”

—L.M., Washington, DC


"I was just going to email you with this good news.  Sarah is am I-- these are the type of scores I knew she could get.  Thank you for helping her do it!  Your good work and guidance and her hard work did indeed pay off.  Thanks for everything. Sarah will keep you posted on where she decides to go to school and I will be in touch in the new year to figure out a plan for Molly."

—Colleen C., Chevy Chase, MD


"Odyssey was wonderful in the midst of junior year, a stressful high school time with a huge volume of homework and the college application process looming. Our tutor's comfortable and accessible manner encouraged each of my kids to work hard and feel positive about the testing experience."

—R.G., Washington, DC


"Our tutors had a really good relationship with my son, which is a huge part of the tutoring process. They were supportive and provided a lot of encouragement during a tough process; they definitely kept him motivated. They were both extremely knowledgeable about the schools that Byron had interest in and provided the support needed in attaining the outcomes needed for his targeted schools."

—N.S., San Jose, CA

"We are really pleased with our experience - we plan to use Odyssey for our third son as well."

—L.G., Chevy Chase, MD

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